Zerene eurydice

Photo Life History: Zerene eurydice; InsectNet

Habitat:  Cismontane California Chaparral;

Host Plants:  Amorpha californica

Suitable Lab Host Plants: Trifolium pratense (and other species of Trifolium.)

How to Find Female Butterflies:  Click here

Caring for Live Female Butterflies:  Nectaring techniques

Methods of Female Oviposition:  Open Screen Cages; Portable Cages  (Fall flying females are in reproductive diapause and will not lay eggs until spring.)

How to Find Eggs: Look on Host Plants with New Growth

How to Hatch Eggs:  Keep egg on original leaf; Separate eggs individually

How to Find Caterpillars in the Field: Isolated host plants;

Caterpillar setups:  Open terrariums; Open Bucket

Larva to Pupa:  

How to Find Pupae in the Field: 

Number of Broods per Year:  2-3 depending upon location.

Overwintering Stage:  Adult

Overwintering Strategies: 

Post-Hibernation Strategies: 

Avoiding Diapause Techniques:  

Disease Prevention:  Change out host plant and remove frass every two to three days.

Emergence:  Emergence Container

Field Notes: