Euchloe hyantis lotta

Photo Life History: Euchloe lotta

Habitat:  Pinyon Juniper; Desert Hills & Mountains

Host Plants:  Arabis perennans; Caulanthus lasiophyllum utahensis; Descurainia pinnata; Sisymbrium altissimum; Sisymbrium irio; Stanleya pinnata; Streptanthella longirostris; Streptanthus cordatus

Suitable Lab Host Plants: Brassica nigra; Isatis tinctoria.

How to Find Female Butterflies:  Click here.

Caring for Live Female Butterflies:  Nectaring techniques (Females nectar as soon as feet sense moisture)

Methods of Female Oviposition:  Open Screen Cages; Portable Cages.  (There is no need to wait to set up females for oviposition.  They should lay eggs soon after capture.)

How to Find Eggs: Look on Flower Stems; Isolated Host Plants.

How to Hatch Eggs:  Separate eggs individually.

How to Find Caterpillars in the Field:  Look for Caterpillar Strip Patterns.  Last instar larvae make a conspicuous strip pattern on the flowers of their mustard host plant.

How to Find Pupae in the Field: 

Caterpillar setups:  Open terrariums; Open Bucket

Larva to Pupa:  Larva Changes Color  (Changes color from green to burgundy.)

Number of Broods per Year:  1

Overwintering Stage:  Pupa. 

Overwintering Strategies: Your Own Backyard; Refrigerator

Post-Hibernation Strategies: Expose Pupae to warmer temperatures; Long-Day Photoperiod; High Humidity

Avoiding Diapause Techniques:  

Disease Prevention:  Change out host plant and remove frass every three to five days. 

Emergence:  Emergence Container

Field Notes: Females oviposit towards the inflorescens of the host.  Adults fly usually after Pontia sisymbri nigravenosa and Anthocharis thoosa thoosa have reached their peak flight.