Female Oviposition Techniques > Open Screen Cages

Open screen cages generally vary from roughly 12" to 24" on each side. These cages are most effective for larger butterflies such as swallowtails and brushfooted butterflies. In order to get females to oviposit in these cages you need to remember to feed the female butterflies every day. It is also helpful to keep the female in a dark, cool, closet for at least for a few days before trying to get eggs out of her in order to help get her acclamated to captivity. This technique will also increase her urge to lay eggs. When you set up your cage, be sure to place your water bottle with hostplant cuttings adjacent to the side of the cage next to your light source (preferrably filtered sunlight) so that when the female flies towards the light source, she will be in contact with her hostplant. Oftentimes, if she is ready to oviposit, touching the hostplant with her legs will trigger a response for her to lay an egg.