Finding Eggs in the Field

Finding butterfly eggs in the field has everything to do with female oviposition preferences.  Females of some butterfly species groups tend to lay eggs randomly throughout the population.  Although tedious, the best way to find those eggs simply is to put forth the necessary effort. 

However, females of other butterfly species groups do demonstrate some predictable patterns with regards to how and where they prefer to lay their eggs.  These patterns include: 

  1. Eggs on flower stems
  2. Eggs on flower buds
  3. Eggs on leaves towards the top half of the plant
  4. Eggs on leaves towards the bottom of the plant
  5. Eggs on tips of the leaves
  6. Eggs on peripheral stalks
  7. Eggs laid on new growth or exceptionally healthy host plants
  8. Eggs laid on isolated host plants
  9. Eggs laid in clusters
  10. Eggs Near leaf buds or nearby stems
  11. Eggs laid near; but not on the host plant