Female Oviposition Techniques > Twin Cup Method

Setting up females using the twin cup method is relatively simple. Drill holes on the bottom of a 16 ounce squat tub and place host plant sprigs down through the holes. Fill a 32 ounce plastic cup roughly 3/4 full of water and place the squat tub inside the larger cup. (The hostplant stalks will then be in water.) Place a nylon mesh lid on top.

Using the twin cup method works well with lycaenids where it is necessary to keep blooms intact as long as possible. The genus that benefits from this method is the Euphilotes blues. Because blooming buckwheat serves both as a larval host plant AND an adult nectar source, simply place females inside; and allow them to oviposit for days.

Using this method is especially helpful for Euphilotes ancilla; as females prefer to oviposit mainly on the open flower petals. (John Emmel)  Please see this video for more information.