Butterfly Habitat > Mountain Hilltops

Males of some species of butterflies prefer to fly to the tops of hills and mountains to mate. That coupled with the fact that many mountain ridgetops have a thicker variety and biomass of plants creates a situation where, once the snow has melted, you can find quite a few butterflies flying near ridgetops. In addition to finding some of the butterfly species found in mountain canyons, other butterfly species that you can find on mountain hilltops include the indra swallowtail, rocky mountain parnassian, western white, northern checkerspot, hydaspe fritillary, mormon fritillary, hoary comma, ruddy copper, coral hairstreak, sooty hairstreak, western green hairstreak, arrowhead blue, shasta blue, persius duskywing, two-banded checkered skipper, chryxus arctic, and others.