Butterfly Habitat > Valley Wet Meadows

Here are some photos of Wet Meadow Habitat as found in Utah and other Western U.S. states. It's not to hard to find this habitat if you live in a rural area. It is found adjacent to valley rivers, ponds, or other valley floor wet areas and are most easily recognized by an abundance of Russian olive trees as well as other plants such as milkweed, thistles, wild licorice, joe-pye weed, cinquefoil, stinging nettle, sandbar willow, saltcedar, common reed, canary grass and others. Some of the species of butterflies you might find in this habitat are monarchs, queens, thistle crescents, field crescents, buckeyes, large wood nymphs, common ringlets, cabbage whites, common whites, melissa blues, painted ladies, west coast ladies, red admirals, woodland skippers, juba skippers, common checkered skippers, and square spotted skippers.